Payment terms

Payment of Conference Fees

Registration is contingent upon the payment of the conference fee within seven days of receiving registration confirmation from the Organizer. If the Participant fails to make a deposit within this time frame, their application will lapse.

Conference Fee Amount

The conference fee is in accordance with the IGSO statute approved by the General Assembly.

Payment Details

The account number and payment deadlines will be sent to the Participant via email along with their registration confirmation.

Withdrawal from IGSM 2024 Participation

1. Right to Withdraw

The Participant has the option to withdraw from participation in IGSM 2024.

2. Notification of Withdrawal

To formally withdraw, send a written notification to the email address.

3. Removal from Participants List

Confirmation of removal from the participants list will be sent via email.

4. Refund Policy

In case of withdrawal from participation in IGSM 2024, the Participant will be eligible for a refund based on the following schedule:

  • Until March 1, 2024: A full refund of the conference fee
  • Until March 15, 2024: A 50% refund of the conference fee
  • After March 15, 2024: No refund

5. Authorization of Attendance

The Participant has the right to authorize another person to attend in their place.

6. Authorization Procedure

Participant replacements must be submitted no later than 5 days before the opening date of IGSM 2024 to the email address. The participant change will take effect immediately upon confirmation from the organizer.