City Rally

You will embark on a classic treasure hunt
in the center of Sofia.

You are divided into ten teams. You can find a list of participants and their respectful teams here and on your emails. It is your job to find your team mates and connect – networking time!
Once we see the teams form and you are ready to start, each team will receive a paper map of the city with clues and a route to follow. Every team has its own course which is independent from the other teams’.
On the map you receive, there will be a QR code which is unique for every team. It is a login for the team to start playing the game. Once you scan the QR code, you will be prompted with the location you have to visit to start the game. Every team starts from a different location, but we all come together at one place in the end where we will be waiting for you with refreshments!
Once you get to the first location, you will have to find a QR code which is hidden in plain sight somewhere in the vicinity. When you scan the code on your first location, your clock starts ticking! Your task is to go through your course as fast as possible! It doesn’t matter if one team starts earlier from the other. What matters is, you finish your course in the shortest amount of time! Read the information about every location carefully! When you find a QR code and scan it, you will be asked a question. Answering the question correctly unlocks the clue to the next location you need to visit. You can answer multiple times until you have the correct response. In case you can’t find the QR code, you have the option to give up and skip a QR code. Once you skip a QR code though, you can’t go back and try again so do this only as a last resort. Skipping a code lets you continue the course but it will reflect negatively on your end result. The team with the most QR codes collected in the shortest amount of time wins